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At Home or In a Home: Formal Care & Adoption of Children in Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Published by UNICEF, the report At Home or in a Home, provides an overview of the major trends and concerns about children in formal care and institutions as well as adoption Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The number of children in residential care in the region is extraordinary – the highest in the world. More than 626,000 children reside in these institutions in this region alone.

European Social Services Conference 6-8 July

The 19th European Social Services Conference took place in Warsaw from 6-8 July 2011 in partnership with the Polish Presidency of the European Union. This year’s theme is: Building an Active and Caring Society: Innovation, Participation, Community.

UNICEF calls African governments to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse

Thousands of children in Africa are experiencing violence, exploitation and abuse on a daily basis. The situation is especially stark for children living and working on the streets. On the occasion of the 21st annual Day of the African Child, UNICEF calls on governments to strengthen support systems, which provide the basis for a more protective environment in families and communities to keep children safe and strengthen families through the provision of basic social, health and education services.

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